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Igniplex Premium Template v2.1 2019 Free For You

Igniplex Premium Template v2.1 2019 Free For You

Igniplex Premium Template v2.1 - Previously I shared this template, only there was a problem with the javascript. Only this time the template can be used. For those who don't know the features of this template can be seen below.

Features Igniplex :

  • Layout v3 and Widget v2 This is the latest and most advanced version of the Blogger template. So it's clearly very up to date.
  • Super Light Serious! This template is made with Javascript which is quite complex so that its function does not burden the template. The settings are easy even for those of you who can't coding.
  • Friendy SEO No need to worry about adding meta tags because I have optimized it. Plus the positive effects of the v3 layout that the meta tags and default structure are good from there.
  • Ad Position Guide Inside there is a sign to put the ad. There are even advertisements that can be placed in the middle of the article automatically without the need to write another additional script.
  • Ad Position Guide Content can be divided into several pages. Usually this feature is in WordPress. But now Blogger can try it using the Igniplex template.
  • Social Share Counter  Showing the number of article shares on social media to find out how viral your blog is.
  • Anti AdBlock Bring up a notification if a visitor uses AdBlock.
  • Sticky Widget The widget is in a floating position and will remain on top even though it has been scrolled down.
  • Valid Google Structured Data This data structure is important so that blogs can be more easily recognized by search engines.
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  • Right now Google likes good blogs when it's opened on mobile. The Igniplex template is very responsive so it's still cool when opened on different sizes of devices.
  • Related Post Central Articles and Bottom Articles
  • This is good for lowering the bounce rate.
  • The menu in the header is super cool!
  • Navigation Numbered Pages
  • Custom Page Error
  • Blog Pager (Next , Prev) with Article Title
  • Breadcrumbs

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