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5 best WordPress Slider plugins to choose from


5 plugins The best WordPress Slider for you to chooseAt your side website, the slider helps you conveniently display attractive images and videos. They not only display content in a way that attracts attention, but also provides a means to highlight important content in a minimized space.

Here, I have compiled a few slider plugins that best meet WordPress users. This list will help you choose the most convenient and attractive plugin for your website.

Meta Slider


Probably the best slider plugin available on the market, Meta Slider is an easy-to-use plugin with over half a million active installs and an almost perfect rate of 4.8 out of 5.

Meta Slider gives you the freedom to choose between four jQuery sliders, each with its own theme, transition effects and other features.

A free option for adding images to your slides with captions. Just select an image from the WordPress media library and it will become your next slide. Add a caption to it or link it to the URL of your choice. You cannot add videos or content if you are a free user. This option is available, however, for advanced users only.


This interface helps users intuitive, easy to use. So, if you love the free version of the plugin, want more features, then you have the option to use “Go Pro” to get more features.



Tested by Mark Jaquith, a leading WordPress developer, Soliloquy is a super-optimized, user-friendly WordPress slider plugin. It is now available in Lite version also the WordPress plugin slider responsive best.

Soliloquy uses a custom post type where you are allowed to create the maximum number of WordPress sliders with images at each slide with just a few clicks. It is extremely easy to set up. Just add images on your side, choose the size slider, speed and then click Publish. Then just copy the code and embed it in any post or page you want to show the slider.


This is the Lite version of the slider but comes with enough features for you to try. If you want more features, you can easily upgrade to the Premium version.

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Slider Revolution


With sales of over 200,000, Slider Revolution is the most popular premium presentation design plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is loaded by transition effects, preloaded images, embedded videos, auto-play user interaction, etc.It lets you create your own side effects most convenient.

Plugin for you to display text, images, videos at your side slider. This is simply what you would expect to receive from a paid plugin. Slider Revolution also offers you the option to customize your presentation, according to your requirements. You can add links, background content, animations. In addition, you can choose the desired display period.


Although the slide creation site seems to be designed with custom options, it still looks intuitive and easy to manage.

Nemus Slider


If you're looking to add more photos from your media library to your slideshow, then the free Nemus Slider is right for you. It lets you add YouTube videos, Vimeo, along with photos from Flickr, Instagram.

Nemus Slider lets you display your posts as a separate page, however, it doesn't provide much control over the included posts. You need to create a special category for this purpose and then only use that category with the post you want to display at the slider.

Plugin for you to annotate each slide, including HTML annotations with the option to select annotation animation dimensions. It provides intuitive user interface that is easy to grasp.


Settings provided by the slider include all the necessary elements, including the ability to turn on autoplay, enter your own side values ​​according to the height, adjust the animation side speed at several other settings.

So if you're looking to take pictures from your library or from Instagram with you, along with your content, Nemus Slider is highly recommended.

Easing Slider


Easing Slider is a free presentation plugin that offers a limited set of features, along with great features. The plugin lets you edit your presentation interface through a customization tool in WordPress, a feature not found in other slider plugins. This gives you a live preview of your presentation as you modify it.

This is an easy to use plugin. Just select images in the media library and add them to the slider. Next, you manually control the size of the slider through the settings.


While there aren't many options available to work with sliders, working with a customizer and live preview window makes it a great idea with lots of potential for future exploration.

This is a free plugin that comes with a premium add-on. You purchase add-ons for which you add videos, HTML annotations, touch navigation, swipe, and add lightbox windows at your side slideshow.


Judging from the popularity of the premium slider plugin, certainly a slideshow is really a popular design feature. However, you should be careful about adding slider features to your website because they require the right time and location. You need to evaluate the ability to use the feature for users and how it will add to the user experience, instead of just trying to please your visitors with a mixture of animations, videos.

I have shared the most compatible, easy-to-use plugin on this list. It completely depends on your choice of which plugin you use because it really suits your budget, needs, features, speed server side of your website.

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Which slider plugin will you use on your website then why did you choose it? Do you think adding that slider to your website? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

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