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FontLab Studio 7.1 Full Active - Professional font design software

FontLab Studio is software that allows you to create with fonts. In any type of text, you can use a variety of font styles to give your writing a convincing look. You can do many things with tools. You can create, edit, modify, suggest, space, draw and do whatever you want to make the font look attractive. There are Unicode fonts available from different sources such as Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or Indian. Along with that is the number of current icons from China, Japan and more. It has an easy to use interface that provides access to all tools with ease. No need for specific instructions, you just need to select the tool and use the help feature to use its features.

FontLab Studio 7.1
FontLab Studio 7.1

With FontLab (aka FontLab Studio), you can create, open, modify, draw, space, kern, hint and export desktop, web, color and variable fonts. It is a surrounding font editor, but also supports data exchange with other font creation tools, making it easy to integrate into your current workflow. FontLab brings their best classic apps, FontLab Studio and Fontogograph, including many familiar FontLab keyboard shortcuts. But they have reviewed and streamlined every function.

FontLab 7.1
FontLab 7.1

FontLab VI also provides you with innovative new drawing tools and responsive contour operations to make your design process easier and more efficient, whether you're an expert or a beginner. . FontLab now supports color and variability, so you can explore these new possibilities and expand your creative reach.


  • Open and export:
    • OpenType-PS / CFF (OTF)
    • OpenType TT / TrueType (TTF)
    • Variable OpenType TT (TTF + gvar)
    • Open color type (TTF + SVG, + COLR, + CBDT, + sbix)
    • PostScript Type 1 (PFB / PFA)
    • Web fonts (WOFF2, WOFF, EOT)
    • Fonts (VFB, VFC, VFJ)
    • Enter only:
      PhotFont BitFonter (PHF + PNG, + SVG)
    • Font writer (FOG)
    • Glyphs
    • Ikarus

Download FontLab Studio 7.1 Full Active

Password extract:

Instructions for installing FontLab Studio 7.1

  1. Extract and install the software
  2. Exit after installation is complete
  3. Copy File Crack to the software installation section
  4. Finish.

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