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Interesting things about beds in Minecraft game - Knowledge sharing blog

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Minecraft world with many interesting things that seem small but brings a lot of creativity and originality. The types of objects and resources in the game so far are countless.

All of them have their own shape and utility that you probably cannot know all. Today I will continue with the series to introduce about the objects in the game and their great uses.

And more specifically, in this article I will introduce you to the uses of the bed and some interesting things that few people know about it.

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#first. General introduction about beds in Minecraft

As you all know, the bed in Minecraft is a decoration. Its main use is to help you can rest when the night comes and make decorations in the house.

The formula of the bed is not too complicated. You can do the following:

Perform: First you have to prepare at least 3 blocks of wooden boards, and 3 blocks of wool => then use those materials and put them on the manufacturing table as if you already have a bed.

The color of the beds depends on the color of the fleece blocks that you have used, and to get the desired color you should dye them.

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#2. Some interesting things about the bed that you should know

first. You can decorate your bed with a sign.

From version 1.11.2 or below, beds can be fabricated in 884736 ways from wool and wooden planks, or change the color of the bed. You can master the magic personality squares in minecraft according to your own preferences to have a good “sleep”.

2. When we decorate a head of a bed when sleeping, it will appear in front of your eyes such as: Ender dragon head, Creeper head, …. The sleeping view also works for some other types of blocks.

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3. When sleeping in nether the bed will explode, and simply placing one more glass block will reduce the damage. In the old Alpha version of Minecraft also helps you heal.

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4. Can put a bed on the ceiling to save house space (making bunk beds).

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5. The bed can be used as an ornament such as a beach umbrella, the body is extremely convenient and incredibly creative.

6. Beds can also be created to sleep in the water quite interesting. But you can't put them directly in the water, you have to create them first, then put the water on, then you can sleep under the water.

7. From the Beta 1.3 bed version there is a quite interesting mechanism. When sleeping in unsafe areas you risk being awakened early by monsters.

This is a fairly practical mechanism but unfortunately it has been replaced.

8. You can sleep when there are no monsters within an 8-block radius. Especially when you can sleep when there are lava monsters or slime monsters nearby, they can attack and push you off the bed.

This also applies to Shulker, you will fly and sleep if you get hit by Shulker ball.

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9. The bed appears only in nature in the iGloo. You can jump in bed while falling without taking any damage until you wake up.

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# 3. Review, comment

The bed in Minecraft is only a small detail but it also brings a unique character, contributing to the attraction of Minecraft game, and at the same time making players develop their creative ability and have moments of comfort.

Besides, you must also pay close attention when using the bed for different purposes in Minecraft, because it can also cause you many problems.

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his article about The fun of the bed in Minecraft. Hopefully this article will help you, if there's anything you need to add, please comment below this article!

Wish you have fun game experience nha

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