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Qasi Responsive Blogger Template 2020 Free Download NQnia

Qasi Responsive Blogger Template 2020 Free Download NQnia

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Today, I present to you my friends a unique personal template that I designed to make it professional and distinct that has no analogy to many of me who wants to create a site of his own that displays work and discarded it so that I present to you today a professional personal template that you can use to build your personal site I hope everyone will like it.

Qasi Responsive Blogger Template 2020 Features:

Responsive True
Mobile FriendlyTrue
SEO ReadyTrue
Fast LoadingTrue
Ads OptimizedTrue
Unique DesignTrue
Easy to adjustTrue
Professional HeadersTrue
Places to put your CV and profileTrue
Flat designTrue
Breadcrumbs NavigationTrue
Icon Menggunakan Font AwesomeTrue
Share ButtonTrue
Auto ReadmoreTrue
Related PostsTrue
Widget StickyTrue
Back To TopTrue
Custom Error pageTrue
Original JavascriptTrue
And Much More..True

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