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The Scandal at Steem: Changpeng Zhao rejected the alleged collusion, saying that he and Justin Sun were not close friends.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is sulking with Justin Sun for Tron's recent “hostile” takeover of Tron blockchain. CZ is thought to have been in trouble because helping Justin Sun resulted in unjust judgment (unfairly colored).

Justin Sun and Changpeng Zhao

Do not listen to what he says, look at what he does

The allegations that the two founders “colluded to vote” created a rage on social networks, in which both Sun and CZ were repeatedly accused of placing their interests in front of the community. From a decentralized social network Steem, this is now in the hands of an easy-to-manipulate person. Their mouths flow all day on social networks that “decentralization is the future, support decentralization, support Bitcoin …” but the ways he does it are contrary to what he says.

What happened to CZ, Justin Sun and Steem?

The Tron Foundation acquired the Steemit platform in mid-February. A reversible community-created soft-fork to prevent centralization of blockchain Steem on February 24 was quickly overturned on March 2 by a joint vote among several exchanges. translations, including Binance, Huobi (Chinese original floor) and Poloniex (recently acquired by Sun). These three exchanges used their own tokens (Not on the floor, this is the act of stealing the rights of shareholders) to vote for and transfer control of the supposedly decentralized blockchain to Justin Sun himself.

This ridiculous thing shows that all that is called “decentralization” is just a joke, when they have money they will do everything to acquire themselves, it creates a rage in the community. co and some angry people resigned, including some famous Steemit employees, including Communications Manager Andrew Levine.

CZ said, “I didn't know anything before it happened.”

Zhao Changpeng told Cointelegraph that Justin Sun did not tell me about it. My internal team said it was a necessary network upgrade, so I said I would go ahead. There are lots of networks that need to be upgraded all the time, and we are always in support. However, he noted that, if it is not an agreed network upgrade, we do not want to use our users' money to vote. So as soon as we received an objection on Twitter, we immediately withdrew the vote.

We only have working relationships, not close friends as people think

While CZ and Sun often appear in stories together, the head of Binance pointed out a series of written responses to Cointelegraph news agency:

I didn't know Justin until he started Tron, and only met a few times at events later. We only talked about business, and didn't have any “outings”. So, apart from work, I don't have any close personal relationships with him.

CZ praised Sun for his cooperation on several projects, saying that he always appreciated that help. Justin has assisted in many of Binance's initiatives, including donations of around $ 3 million to the Binance Charitable Foundation (Binance Charity Foundation) in the early days of its establishment.

However, CZ declined to comment on Sun's proposal for a $ 1 million “anti-FUD” fund after a debate over the accuracy of The Block news site, only to answer the question of whether he has Working with Sun on future projects, that:

He always makes waves for one thing or another, but it's his business. Anyone who has a problem with him should get in touch. I am not concerned. I will still do my work.

When describing his business relationship with Sun, CZ explained that it is the same as for any other project listed on Binance. There is no holding or investment of any kind between us. In fact, there are many other projects in the space that we have invested in. With Justin / Tron, we have no benefit association.

The Block previously reported from unnamed sources saying that the Binance office in Shanghai was shut down by Chinese police, who revealed information fearing retaliation and did not dare come out. Zhao Changpeng denounced the site was fabricating to sell money-read articles, even threatening to sue the site, but so far The Block has not removed the article and made any corrections. CZ also always avoids talking about the lawsuit or this issue. (Note that The Block Crypto is backed by Square payment application by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the only person in the world who can delete the Twitter accounts of CZ and Binance if they “like”.).

Bang Thong

According to Cointelegraph

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