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[Tuts] How to compare data between two Word files effectively - Knowledge sharing blog

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In the previous tutorial about Excel, I have shared with you how to compare and highlight duplicate values ​​on two columns, and Sheet in Excel already.

After that article, a lot of you email asked me about how to do it in Word application Therefore, in today's article, I will continue to share with you a little trick in comparing data between two Word files, to help you compare data quickly and accurately. .

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Instructions for comparing data between two Word files

+ Step 1: First, open the Word file that you are processing. Here, you open the tab Review => and select Compare => select Compare same picture.

file-word-writing-2-file-word (1)

+ Step 2: Dialog box Compare Documents open. You click on the icon icon Browse in:

  • Original document (original document).
  • Revised document (documents need to be edited).

Then press the button < to expand the settings, and install as shown below => and then press OK to compare.

file-word-writing-2-file-word (2)

+ Step 3: At this point we will get the results of the comparison text as shown below.

The value of the red character symbolizes a comparison Original (original document), and red underlined is the file value Revised (revised document).

file-word-writing-2-file-word (3)


  • The large left column shows the original text and edited text.
  • On the right there are 2 small columns, the small column above is the original document, and the small column below is the edited document.

+ Step 4: Here, right click on the red word => and select Reject Deletion to delete characters in the modified file, and retain the characters in the original document file.

file-word-writing-2-file-word (4)

And choose Accept Deletion to retain characters in the modified file, and delete characters in the original document file.

file-word-writing-2-file-word (5)

For proper editing results, merge the content between your two source document files.

file-word-writing-2-file-word (6)


Okay, so I just taught you a little trick in Use the Compare tool in Word to Comparing data between two Word files A simple way already.

At this point, my tutorial would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful in your work.

Good luck !

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