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What is Google Tag Manager? Instructions for using GTM from A to Z

Tag Manager is a popular tool for Google advertisers, but for SEOER this is a strange tool. Part of the strangeness is that SEOs tend to over-emphasize the results of keywords, forgetting the main goal of SEO is to improve user experience and make a profit.

Then read this article, you will surely love Google Tag Manager with the functions that you will be surprised.

In this article, SEODO will explain more about What is Google Tag Manager? The benefits of GTM and how to use GTM in your Digital Marketing campaigns.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows you to easily update and manage your website tags, which can be website tracking tags (Google Analytics), remarketing tags (Google Ads, Facebook Pixel), tags. conversion optimization (Google Optimize, Hotjar, Crazy Egg),….

Easy to understand, like this, if done manually, you will have to install Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, etc. into the website's source code. Although the campaign and promotion level lets you install more or less cards, the higher the level, the more tags you'll have to install. Still with Google Tag Manager, you will install and manage all the tags in this tool without regard to the website source code, this will reduce the risk for the website, especially for non-programmers, not to mention the right website. loading lots of JS will reduce website loading speed.

What is Google Tag Manager

I also used to rely a lot on IT friends in a very small matter of installing the tracking code, sometimes it takes 2-3 days for the website designer to install the code for me, with a reputable website, waiting for that time is too long.

But GTM gives you not only that, Let's find out more

Benefits of Google Tag Manager

  • As stated in the definition, the main function of Google Tag Manager is to update and manage all tags added to the website.
  • Tracking customer behavior
  • Website conversion measurement, supporting A / B testing
  • And a lot of other small functions, so now let's get started with how to implement Google Tag Manager.
What is Google Tag Manager
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Instructions for using Google Tag Manager

To start deploying Google Tag Manager, you must visit and sign up for a Google Tag Manager account, if you already have a Google account, you can login now.

Note: GTM has 2 types: GTM for websites and applications, in this article I will only talk about GTM for websites.

Step 1: Click on create account to start creating GTM account:

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 2: You enter your account name and select the correct country Vietnam. In the container settings, fill in the website (the website does not contain http: // or https: //), select the place to use the container as the web.

What is Google Tag ManagerWhat is Google Tag Manager

Step 3: Google Tag Manager will then send you two pieces of code, the first one you paste in the section , the second paragraph you paste before the tag If you are unsure about this part, you should ask IT to help you secure it.

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 4: After attaching GTM code, you have to go to GTM manager to click send, then GTM will update the code on the website for you.

What is Google Tag Manager

To know if your website has successfully received the GTM code, you can install it add on Google Tag Assistant for Crome browser to check.

What is Google Tag Manager

If Google Tag Assistant indicates a green tick, then you have completed the installation of Google Tag Manager

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Watch the video to install Google Tag Manager

(embed) (/ embed)

Install Google Analytics via GTM

Step 1: First you go to the Variables section in the toolbar on the left of the screen, select add new variables:

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 2: Name this variable Google Analytics, select the variable immediately Google Analytics right on the screen.

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 3: Then, you immediately register for an account Google Analytics for the website to get the tracking id, immediately paste the tracking id into the Google Analytic variable in GTM and save this variable.

Step 4: Now go to Tags -> New to create Google Analytics tags right away.

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 5: You name the tag Google Analytics, click on the tag select to select the Google Analytics tag. On the right side of the screen are the popular tags that GTM recommends for us, including Google Ads, Google Optimize, Hotjar, …, but here we choose Google Analytics – Universal Analytics.

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 6: In the setting of Google Analytics – Universal Analytics, you select the setting variable is Google Analytics, this is the variable that we previously installed with the tracking ID taken from Google Analytics account.

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 7: In the activation section, you select ALL PAGE, then click Save to save the card settings.

What is Google Tag Manager

Step 8: Keep clicking SEND to complete the installation of Google Analytics. For Google tags you can check with Google Tag Assistant, Facebook tags you can check with Facebook Pixel Helper add-on

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Install Google Remarketing tag via GTM

For the Google Remarketing or other tags, you still update the same as Google Analytics, except that the remaining tags you will not need to create variables anymore.

To create a Google Remarketing tag, go to Tags -> New -> Google Ads remarketing tag

What is Google Tag Manager

In the conversion ID section, you have to go to the object tag setup in the Google Ads program to get, the conversion label part you leave blank.

Activate -> All Page -> Save -> Submit to complete the installation of Google Remarketing tags into the Google Tag Manager tool.

Some note:

  • The other tags are similar to the process of installing Google Remarketing tags (Google Ads tags)
  • After installing the card, click SEND for Google Tag Manager to update the card
  • If other tags are not recommended by Google (Facebook Pixel) then select Custom – custom HTML, then paste the code into the custom HTML.

This is one of my card managers, all operations related to the card, I am here to edit without having to go to the website source code or contact IT as before.

What is Google Tag Manager

Card management is not the whole benefit that Google Tag Manager brings, now SEODO will guide you tracking event The basic events, myself also appreciate this feature of GTM.

What this function is, in an easy to understand way, you will know how many clicks on the number Hotline phone, you'll know how many people click Button, how many people read all the content know, how many people Read superficial content. You can also statistically click on the Anchor Text for each keyword in the internal Link.

These are user conversion tracking activities, depending on the purpose of the SEO or promotion campaign so that we can track the appropriate conversions. With SEODO, the type of conversion we use most often is click on position (Hotline, Button), page scroll index.

SEODO regularly measures Hotline or Button clicks to get detailed statistics on the effectiveness of Digital Marketing campaigns. If you are taking traffic as an effective indicator for SEO or website promotion, you should find out the measurement with this new index right away. If the traffic is the user visiting the website with the desire to use that product, then the people who click on the Hotline or Button are the ones who are most likely to convert into customers.

So let's get started:

Tracking Event: Click the Hotline and Button

Go to the Variables section, select Configure

What is Google Tag Manager

Tick ​​the configuration of integrated mouse click and scroll as shown in the picture:

What is Google Tag ManagerWhat is Google Tag Manager

Go to Trigger -> New

What is Google Tag Manager

Name this trigger “Click Hotline”, then click on “All elements”

What is Google Tag Manager

Choose some clicks, especially note the 3 boxes right below.

What is Google Tag Manager

The first box is the variables I have installed, depending on each person to choose the appropriate variable type, I often choose Click Url or Click Text for ease, there are some other common types such as clicking on ID or Click on Class, you should have a little understanding of code to use these two types of variables.

So as in the picture above, I want to declare that I want to measure for those who “Click Url + Contain + tel: 0987657647“. If you replace a phone number with a button, you should be knowledgeable about the code, find the Button's ID or Class and declare similar:Click Class / Click Id + contains + Class / Id“.

Once you've created the trigger, you must take the final step is to create a tag for that trigger, go to Tags create a Google Analytics tag – Universal Analytics, fill in the data as shown in the picture, select activate All Page and save Back to finish.

What is Google Tag Manager

Tracking Event: page scroll rate

Still in the trigger section, choose to create a new trigger. For example, if I want to measure the number of people scrolling at 90%, I will name the trigger page 90, select the trigger as scroll depth.

What is Google Tag Manager

Select the measurement roll type as the vertical scroll depth, the percentage is 90, select “some pages”, for example, you want to measure the page SEO quotes I will declare as the image below, ie I want to measure “Url + contains +

What is Google Tag Manager

After creating the trigger, I continue to create a new Google Analytics – Universal Analytics tag in the Tags section:

What is Google Tag Manager

Continue Save and Submit to complete the process.

You should also measure the number of people scrolling 10%, 40-50% more to get an overview of how users stay on the site, and of course the process is like creating a scrolling event. page 90%.

After the Tracking Event is complete, you can go outside the website, click the Hotline or scroll the page and turn on Google Tag Assistant to check if the Event is working or not.

What is Google Tag Manager
The page scroll event 70% is operational

To check the measurement amount, go to Google Analytics > Behavior -> Events to see, here's an example of my Tracking Event results with a website:

What is Google Tag Manager

I am sure that those who have finished reading this article will be more confident in their work because they have reduced their dependence on Webmaster in the process of doing SEO or Digital Marketing. And especially you will not have to inhibit when 2-3 days that the new Webmaster installs your code, right?

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Of course, Google Tag Manager is not only that, SEODO will return to other advanced articles about Google Tag Manager soon.

If you intend to COPY the article, please cite the website of SEODO:

Doan Kien / Founder SEODO

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