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How to Install an Automatic Watermark on Images on Blogger

A watermark  is an identifier attached to a file. Be it pictures, videos or other files. Usually  this watermark  is in the form of the name or picture and logo of the owner of the photo. By installing a  watermark in  order to avoid the occurrence of photos or files stolen by others and used for their own interests without the permission of the owner of the original photo.
In the world of Blogging installing a watermark is a 'must', especially if the content on the Blog contains a tutorial which in fact must provide a step-by-step picture .
Installing a watermark on an image that will be installed into a blog post is usually done one by one by editing it manually. Of course it is very time consuming.

How to Install Watermarks on Images on Blogger 

1. Log in to your Blogger account  - Themes - Edit Html.

2. Copy and paste the CSS Style code below and place it right before the code  ]]></b:skin>  or  </style>.

right:0px;bottom:8px;border:1px solid #3a3a3a;border-top-left-radius: 10px;;background-color:#3a3a3a


Replace  with your name or your blog.

3.  Save the Theme.

Next is the display of the  watermark  that has been installed in the image in Blogger Posts.

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