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How to Remove Links in Author Name on Blogger Comments

Disable Links in Author Name in Blogger Comments

One of the causes of broken links that is rarely realized is through the URL of the author who comments on Blogger. It turned out that after clicking, the profile was no longer available. It could be that he got banned or maybe deliberately created a new account just to comment, after that it was deleted again so that the full profile was not known. Too little work, right?

To prevent this, it is better to disable active links in the Blogger comment profile. This method requires Javascript. The code is short and not burdensome at all.

Script to Deactivate Author URL in Blogger Comments

This problem is only found for those who post default Blogger comments. If you use Disqus comments or Facebook comments, it's safe. If you are allowed to be afraid, more broken links will appear (personal experience).

There are two versions of the code, namely pure Javascript and jQuery. You can choose the one you prefer. Remember, PICK ONE ONLY.

/* Remove Profile Link in Blogger Comments by */
(function ignielRemLinkNameCmt(){
 if (document.querySelector('#comments .comments-content')){
  var a = document.querySelectorAll('.comment-block .user a');
  for (var x = 0; x < a.length; x++){
   var b = a[x].text, c = a[x].parentNode, d = document.createElement('span'); d.innerHTML = b;

Urgent! If you want to use this version, you have to install the jQuery script on the blog first.

/* Remove Profile Link in Blogger Comments by */
window.onload = (function ignielRemLinkNameCmt(){
 if ($('#comments .comments-content')){
  $('.comment-block .user').find('a').each(function(){
Script to Deactivate Author URL in Blogger Comments

The code above can be combined with a script to remove active links in Blogger comments to avoid broken links and spam.

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